TX16Wx Professional - профессиональный VSTi сэмплер / рабочая станция, включающий в себя множество функций для работы с сэмплами. Этот инструмент подойдет для тех, кому нужен мощный инструмент, вместо пресет-плеера и библиотек, ограничивающих пользователя. Этот инструмент создан под вдохновением от аппаратного сэмплера Yamaha TX16W.

TX16Wx is the worlds only free, professional VSTi Sampler with a fully documented file format and active development.
Its a sampling workstation, a sound mangler and a beat slicer. And the best part - Its 100% Free!

First released in 2011, it is the foremost sampler instrument for musicians who desire a powerful tool for sound creation instead of preset-players and libraries that lock the user in.

This is a plug-in for those who still have fond memories of working with hardware samplers in their heyday. Originally inspired by, and made as a software version of the Yamaha TX16W running the Typhoon OS, this plug-in has grown into a category of its own.

Features at a glance:

Multitimbral, Multi-out operation
Built in browser
Extensive modulation and sound shaping
Full Undo/Redo
Loop slicing + MIDI export
Built-in sample editor with extensive tools and sound shaping
Samples audio straight into the sampler.
Imports many wave and sample bank formats
Graphical mapping editor with automatic sample layout
Full drag & drop
64-bit support
Nice sound!

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